Friday, December 22, 2006

Retire on Top : Nice Desire

The legendary Australian leg spinner of Shane Warne Yesterday announced his retirement from international cricket. Warne, the most successful bowler in Test history in Cricket, will retire after the final match of the Ashes series in Sydney.
This is obvious that one has to retire from his career, sport, and job sometime. Some of them are predefined. The official rule of getting retired from govt jobs is 60 in India. But there is something beyond this. A normal man always follows the basic rule, does day to day work and gets habituated with it. No matter we enjoy it or not, we just do it. A normal celebrity or politician wants to keep his or her position as long as possible or just drag their work as long they precognise to be pulled out.

What I like about Warne is to call it a day while he is in TOP. It’s obvious that there is much more cricket left in him, but he has already experienced the pick and mega successes in his career. Warne told "It's been unbelievable. I think my journey and my ride in international cricket has been phenomenal."
Now if he retires, he will obviously have the best memories of his sporting career to cherish for ever. People will remember him as a successful cricketer and as well as he will be happy for what he has done. Warne put 100% in his job and always ruled the game. Now may be he does not have any motivation to continue with same sprit as he has already won couple of World Cups, 700 test wickets, winning back Ashes from England and everywhere he was a key member of Australian Team.

One example I can give from my life. I had lived in two different cities in Denmark. When I was in Arhus, I was just dragging my days, despite of many problems. I was afraid to quit from my assignment, though I was very tired mentally as well as from the project.
Next year I was in Copenhagen, and this time I did not compromised to see the dull cold Danish winter. I left in summer and with lot of sweet memories.
Now when I think about Denmark, I have a mixed feeling. Copenhagen is always colorful and joyful to me whereas the days of Arhus were awesome.

Glen Makgrath has also declared his retirement from test cricket after this Ashes. He should feel inspired to do something. Now, it’s up to the person to decide what he want to do and when. Also it’s up to him to decide when he should call it a day. After all, what matters most is the feelings of our hearts. :0)