Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When was the last time I did something for the first time

Somebody in Denmark (most probably in Arhus) asked me these “When was the last time you did something for the first time” and I didn’t answer. I took it casually, but it came in my mind several times. We often forgot to do something new and innovative out of our monotonous life. Always I am bogged doing same repetitive things. But being a programmer, I always have to think new logic and adopt myself with new technology, so, it’s not always stereotype life in consulting. Still, it’s my job and I am doing the same basic thing. So I could not say that person something I am doing for first time.

I asked me several times, why do I have to do something new that I have never done? Yes, I can very well continue my life in this way. Gradually I have understood my life is getting stagnant slowly and I am loosing my edge and passion for living. I consider myself as a systematic robot, doing job for big IT companies and coming back, watching TV and making gossips with my family and friends. Its not always a fun, rather trying new thing can give someone better feeling from this life.

So I tried to do something, but still I can find out very few new things I have done recently. Here is the list.

Driving: I have started driving on 25th April 2006 on road. I was going to my friend's house to Saltlake from Garia through EM bypass and that was my first drive in Kolkata.

Next Friday night, 28 April I have driven from Kolkata to Kharagpur (my home town). It was a drive of 130 km and in night it was risky. But I did it successfully. I was impressed, amazed and over-whelmed by my driving and truly speaking I felt glad and proud after completing my drive. It was in my dream to go to my home from my flat by car and driving in Mumbai Road Highway was just an unbelievable reality to me, especially on the very first week I started driving.
After that it was very normal to drive in the congested streets of Kolkata or narrow roads of Kharagpur and I enjoyed it and still enjoying in Athens. I am driving GETZ listening Rabindra Sangeet and it’s a good feeling for me.

SAP Certification: I don’t know whether it truly belongs to this category but still I find it a very new thing I have done this year. It’s a residential Business course. Being a technical person it’s new to me and added value in my life.

Writing Blog: Its not the recent thing I have done, I have started doing it one year back and I am still enjoying it. Initially I used it to share my photos and travels to my friends, gradually I was planning to make it my home page and now using it for free writing also. Its one of my recent hobbies and I will keep on doing it as long as I enjoy it.

Digital Photography editing: Playing with PICASA software and editing digital photograph has one of my recent hobbies. It’s amazing. I have started making collage and posters through Ms Paint. These softwares give us an option to use a normal camera and enhance the feature as we want with huge amount of flexibility.

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