Monday, November 13, 2006

Let me DIE

Its not about me :-) Because I have to do many things before it.

I am writing this article after knowing that an Old members of the Jain community in Rajasthan defended the ancient ritual fast of 'santhara' as a means to attain salvation and not suicide.

"There is a vast difference between suicide and santhara. Suicide is committed in a fit of anger or depression while the decision to observe santhara is taken with a calm mind," former judge of Rajasthan High Court Pana Chand Jain told a news conference .

This is one of the controversial issues of recent times in India. People are thinking that we are in going back to the middle age, turning the clock back and this is not a sign of better civilization.
Suicide is a criminal offence as one is willing to kill him, so same as Santhara. And not only the practicers, those who foster and do not stop this one is also committing crime. How can we let one die in his or her will ? If so, can we claim us a civilised human being.

Yes apparently this logic is rational. But I am not a supporter of it. I think one has a right to DIE, if he can not survive or suffering from some deadly painful disease, which has no answer in Medical Science. I guess in UK we have the provision of apply for death. There are some cases which are approved and the patient gets peaceful and painless death . Then why not Santhara is logical?

In Hinduism we have same practice called Moksa. Thousands of people go to religious holly places like Varanasi and Kasi and want to die there in order to achieve Moksa. I know all of them are not ill or suffering from fatal diseases. But if it gives pleasure and satisfaction of heart, and make the soul fill with holly concepts whats wrong in it.

Yes, being a supporter one must question me why I am supporting these illogical and irrational religious practices, one should convince them not to do these in order to move with the civilization. But are not we allowing a big section of poor Indian population to commit suicide? In every three second one child die from poverty and starvation, 40% of Indian population can not have both the ends meal, the poor, homeless destitute, downtrodden ignorants are ignored by each of us and eventually we are letting them die. The social disparity and artificial civilization (a selfish society without a heart) is making thousands of orphans, killing the god of humanity. This is crime and not Santhara.

Another logic is - killing pain is legal, we take pain killer to get rid of deep pains.Some religion believes in rebirth and can practice Santhara if ones body is not permitting to survive and he is going through agony and mental sufferings, and can believe to be back with a nice birth again.
If one can retire anytime from his career, sports and relation even for not finding it suitable or enjoying, then why cant one asks for Santhara - a peaceful and painless retirement from life if it is not good enough to survive.

One of my desires is to have a peaceful and painless death.

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