Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wanderlust : The Desire to Travel

The meaning of this word is, a breathless Travelling. It is commonly defined as a strong desire to travel, the addiction of travel. Wanderlust is a German word and I knew it after watching my favourite Bengali Movie, Agantuk. The main character, Mr Monimohan Mitra, a man per excellence and a brilliant student went out of the house to see the WORLD, inspired by an ancient painting of Bison in Altamira cave in Spain.

This concept of writer come director (Satyajit Ray) had made me thinking many times. How the painting of a bison, drawn by a primitive person, thousands of years back, can attract a person and motivate one to leave his homeland. But to understand the sheerness of attraction, one needs to have a degree of feeling. I had tried to imagine what came in the painters mind. The beauty of the creation, The World and its diversity, colorful creatures, kaleidoscopic nature, various people with different mentality, culture, civilization and nature, is amazing. Probably in everything we can find a beauty, the simple, wild, colorful beauty. To see the unknown World, to enjoy the beauty of nature, one can travel breathlessly throughout his life.
Well, this was a movie, can not happen in reality. But believe it or not, last year I have encountered one young British traveler, with wanderlust. I was traveling to Berlin from Copenhagen. I was alone and as usual was busy in taking snaps. It was a memorizing experience to have a pleasant journey in the green lap of European nature. It was a sunny day, and after reaching the cost, the bus entered into a ship, to traverse the blue serene sea. I met him there. Life is totally different for him. It is much more simpler than we think.
He has MBA from UK, some work ex, but still a global traveller. He cant work for more than few months, earn money for traveling and roam around the world. I was impressed by his knowledge of India and World's history. He knows more of Netaji and Gandhiji than me. He spent time with Tamil Guerrillas, Kashmiry militants, Bangladeshi poors. That time he left Denmark and was going to Australia through North Asia. He wonders how people can work year after year seating in a closed office in artificial light.
This is true wanderlust. The quest for creation, the desire to know the diversities of the Earth, to feel the elementary base of different civilization, the inspiration to be a part of everything - these are the characteristics of that British young man.
But we can't go beyond one limit, because either we are confined in our own world or we don't have much motivation. We like travelling because of our luxury, just for a change in holidays. That's it !!

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Stephen said...

You say that that British fellow only works in places for a few months and then moves on, what sorts of jobs does he normally get? I've been thinking about this type of lifestyle as well so am very curious. Thanks for article!